Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creative and FREE Date Night Ideas

Outdoor/Active Dates
1. Take a walk near your home. Always a good option for some time to get some exercise and talk.
2. Go to the beach or a lake. Great choice for a quick getaway.
3. Pillow fight. When was the last time you tried this? The key is avoid being too aggressive!!
4. Go hiking. Nature and romance. What’s not to like?
5. Fly kites. All you need is a little wind, some string, a kite, and you’re set – relaxation and romance all in one.
6. Gardening. Even gardening at home can turn into a date when you work together.
7. Jog. Enjoy just being with each other. Take the time to talk as you cool down.
8. Go for a drive. Map? Who needs a map?
9. Explore an unfamiliar nearby town. Adventure awaits as you try visiting someplace new together.
10.Watch a sunset (or sunrise). Isn’t dating your spouse why God made sunsets in the first place?
11. Catch fire flies at dusk. Relive those childhood memories.
12. Build a snowman. A time-honored tradition for lovers everywhere!
13. Toss a Frisbee. Old stand-by, but oh, so easy to do.
14. Wash your cars. Water fights are fair game!
15. Snowball fight. Play fair. Enjoy some hot chocolate or cider afterward.
16. Star-gazing. A blanket and stars… who could ask for more?
17. Feed the ducks. You knew there had to be some use for those left over end pieces of the bread loaf, didn’t you?
18. Go on a picnic. Find a nice picturesque or quiet spot together. Watch out for ants!

Spectator Dates
19. Go bird watching. See how many different birds you can identify.
20. Enjoy a party with friends. A chance to hang out with friends and your spouse too.
21. People-watch at a shopping mall. Catch up on all the latest fashions, or lack thereof.

Food-focused Dates
22. Bake cookies. No experience required. See how your spouse looks with a dusting of flour on them.
23. Cook a special meal for the two of you. Change up some of the traditional roles and enjoy the prep, the meal and the clean up together.
24. Cook dinner for your parents. Score points with the parents and experience the fun of team-cooking.
25. Barbecue. Old stand-by. Try grilling something new.

Indoor Dates
26. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. A good excuse for spending an evening together with the television off.
27. Play board games. Learn a new game or take a trip down memory lane with the board games you played as kids.
28. Play backgammon. Easy to learn, and fun to play with plenty of opportunity to talk.
29. Play card games. Another way to pass the time together.
30. Listen to music. Kick back, relax and enjoy some tunes.
31. Attend a Bible Study. A study on the Song of Solomon anyone?
32. Attend church functions.
33. Creative writing (poems, short stories). Try writing a love poem to your spouse.
34. Go shopping together. Whether you buy something, or just try on everything in sight, this can be more fun than you would imagine.
35. Give each other massages. Get the stress out!

"Places to Go" Dates
36. Historical sites, tours, walking tours. Get in touch with the past as you talk about the future with your spouse.
37. Museums. The Art Museum is FREE daily, and the first Thursday of March is FREE at the Natural History Museum!
38. Parks. Larger than your backyard and filled with all kinds of options for fun.
39. Shopping mall. Whether you are buying or people watching, the mall is a fascinating place.
40. Public gardens. A slow stroll through the flowers does wonders for the soul.
41. Garage/estate sales. One person’s junk is another’s treasure!
42. Factory tours. Do they let you take those hats home?
43. Outdoor Concerts. There are plenty to be found in the area during the summer!

Ideas borrowed from Homeward Ministries. Check out their website for the complete list and other helpful information on marriage, family, and more!

Also, if you live in the Greater Cleveland area, click on the Date Night Idea label for some local events and activities that would make a great date night. Enjoy!

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